“Inti’s call” is an interactive e-book for English and Spanish speaking children.

Inti, the main character, is a boy from the Quillasinga people (from Nariño, Colombia), who will embark on a quest together with Quinde, a magical humming bird, to wake up the sounds of Mother Nature, discover an enchanted city and bring back the members of their community, who have forgotten their roots.

Throughout this literary and interactive experience, boys and girls will get to know the fantastic world of the Quillasinga people, Resguardo Refugio del Sol. They will be able to explore their mythology and cultural practices, while being amazed by the magical territory of this native Colombian community.



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Directed by: Roberto Niño Betancourt y Diana Moreno Hernández

Produced by: Miriam Lizcano G.

Based on the stories of the Quillasinga People,
Resguardo Refugio del Sol.

Illustrations: Melisa Moreno y Fernando Yela.

Animation: Andrés Huertas

Interactive development: Felipe Roa, Jorge Rivera y Robert Castro.

Audio post-production: Mauricio Landázuri

Original music: Escuela de música ancestral Guaguasquilla

English narrator: Catalina Ceballos Carriazo

Spanish narrator: Camilo Narváez

Project mentor: Fernando Guerrero